3 Week Challenge

ReFINEment Cleanse

BATHE YOUR INSIDES with herbs and fresh foods to REJUVENATE YOUR BODY systems for a healthier YOU this winter season.

Are you ready to

  • flush waste from your gut,
  • hydrate & nourish your cells,
  • oxygenate your blood
  • boost your immunity?

Then, join us on this 3-week cleanse challenge and receive

  • a cleanse prep mini-workshop to help you set yourself up for a successful cleanse
  • Weekly online coaching sessions with recipes, tips, and techniques
  • a 20-day supply of DHerbs Anti-V Regimen cleanse intended to help strengthen your immune system
  • a supportive community of health-conscious folks who are also on the journey to better health and more energy

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Let's Go!

Hi! I'm Teetah from juice bar Recipe Oak Cliff, where we have been serving up plant-based, organic juices and foods to our community for more than five years.

With winter approaching and so many reasons to feel stressed and anxious, I'm thinking it's the perfect time to cleanse! What do you think? Now, more than ever, we need to give our nutrition special attention to maintain optimum health.

We are excited to start fall with this 3-week ReFINEment Cleanse Challenge. We hope you join us for this challenge because we want to see our community thriving and at its best health.

When you join, you will receive a link to our online academy where we will host 6 live online sessions walking you through what to eat, drink and expect during your cleanse. I will share juice, smoothie and raw/live vegan food recipes and Herbs 101 lessons. You will have access to the live session replays and an online community.

It's a cleanse plus friends, featuring the DHerbs Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen.

To set you up for success, we will host a pre-cleanse prep week during which we'll get our kitchens and minds ready for this healing journey.

You will pick up your DHerbs supply at RecipeOC, so place your order today to reserve your spot.

Are you ready?


Our Offer To You :

Step One

Sign up for the cleanse to receive your class enrollment email with a link to our academy and pick up information for your herbs. (We are using DHerbs Anti-V Cleanse & Regimen).

Make sure to enter your email for the free info session!


Step Two

Mark your calendar for the Intro to Cleansing Workshop online on 9/19 and 9/20. Replay will be available in your course link.

We will walk you through your cleanse journey with weekly sessions on raw and live vegan food, benefits of herbs, healthy lifestyle choices, and address some of the challenges cleansing.

Check your email for updates.

Step Three

Bask in the glory of giving your body a fresh start! We will follow up with you in a final session and celebration at the end of your cleanse. When you sign up, you will join a community of people with similar health goals. Isn't extra nice when you get to celebrate with others?

Need a one-on-one?

Private Consultation

Session Topics

We will provide you with information and tools for a successful cleanse! Each week we will go live with lessons on each topic. You will receive pdf's of the lessons and recipes, as well as, video replays. Cleanse Prep Week is 9/19 - 9/24.


Cleanse Info Session

Wed 9/15/2021 on Zoom. Register for link.

Get all the details about the cleanse: What herbs are in the cleanse? When are the coaching sessions? How much is the cleanse? When do we start?


Intro to Cleansing Regimen

Let's gather our groceries and prepare our space to assist our bodies in getting the most from the cleansing experience. We will discuss how to prepare our space and our minds.


Juice, Smoothies, Tea

Introduction to our Bless Your Cup series where we will explore fundamental recipes and techniques for drinking your nutrients.


Raw Live Vegan Food Basics

What is raw live vegan food? What are the benefits of not adding heat to food? We will review basic raw live vegan food recipes to get your kitchen creativity going.  


Lifestyle Choices

We will discuss the value of healthy lifestyle choices to supplement the cleansing experience. When was the last time you took a good soaking bath? How's your daily meditation and exercise routine? How can you improve your wind down routine and get better sleep?


You have questions.
We have answers.

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