Vegan Home Chef Course

Ready to take a 6-week journey focusing on getting your plant based vegan chef skills on point? Learn the fundamentals of how to make delicious vegan recipes that transform your kitchen into a healing center.


Learn With Us

  • How to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts using fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
  • How to make simple ingredient swaps to receive major health benefits.
  • Vegan food philosophies: Raw/Live Food, Alkaline & Cell Foods, fasting and cleansing.
  • Plant based recipes from African and Indigenous food ways.
  • You'll receive unique recipe walk-throughs each each week & will have the ability to schedule dedicated time once a week w/ our Chef!

What you get:

  • 6 live weekly cooking sessions + access to the recording
  • How to make plant based meats, milk, cheese, sauces, and more!
  • Intro to Raw Live Foods
  • Themed Vegan Feasts - Caribbean Day Party, West African Spread, RawLive Food Lunch Date, Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Dinner
  • Bonus Natural Remedies Session - Medicine Bag: Basic Remedies to Survive the Times
  • Special Lifetime access to growing video recipe library in the online school.

Meet Tea

I want to share recipes and wisdoms that I have learned in my 35 year meatless journey! It is your birthright to know how to prepare tasty healing foods from fresh ingredients. We will meet online to make meals and translate ancient foodways to your modern kitchen. Sign up for a private coaching session and let's make your plan.

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Our Vegan Food Philosophy

The benefits of a Plant Based lifestyle have increased in popularity over the last decade. This is great for our bodies and our planet! There are so many vegan food products on the market. While it is great to have so many vegan options, the sweet spot is gaining an understanding of what you are eating.

We teach you how to use fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to create satisfying meals. We teach you the key flavor profiles of herbs and spices to make dishes that heal and varied flavors for every yummy occasion.


Soy and Wheat Free Recipes

You will learn how to make meat substitutes and meals that do not include the wheat gluten and soy.


Spices & Herbs for Flavor

Learn the basics of herb and spice combinations to season your food with health in each delicious bite. No nutritional yeast needed! You will know ancient spice combinations from the world!


Raw/ Live Food

Get an introduction to preparing foods without frying or heating. Live food does not have to mean only a big bowl of lettuce!


Unrefined & Oil Free

Learn the how to cook oil free and which oils to use. We will cook with olive, coconut, grapeseed and avocado oils.


Food is Medicine

Turn your kitchen into a healing center with a good understanding of food combinations, use of herbs, and healthy consumption.


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OCTOBER 12 - NOVEMBER 20, 2021

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